Who is Amon?

Carter Fife

Releasing a single every other week for nine months might be an unthinkable task for many artists, but to upcoming hip-hop artist Amon – it’s a walk in the park. Hailing from San Diego, the young rapper has his own unique style, infusing an intimate vulnerability into each one of his painstakingly polished tracks.

His newest single “Loes n Hies” should serve as a perfect introduction to Amon - it’s honest, transparent, and real. Most of his music is self-produced, and having already been featured on outlets from Earmilk to Lyrical Lemonade, blowing up only seems like a matter of time. With nine singles under his belt this year, and his older single “Trampolines” currently blowing up, Amon delivers listeners a much-needed dose of intentional and carefully crafted hip-hop tracks for their weekly rotation.

Though remarkably gifted in his craft, Amon’s sights weren’t always set on music. His dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder were interrupted when a hard fall left him temporarily immobile. Music became his therapeutic outlet, and after recovering he decided to pursue music full-time, eventually opening for artists like Aminé and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. His music reflects his story well, as every line conveys a hardened work ethic, a desire to create, and an experience to share. With talent like Amon’s, you can consider this an early look into one of hip-hop’s most promising upcoming acts.

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