Who is Jamo.?

Perry Avgerinos

Making his project debut, 22 year old indie-alt artist Jamo. reveals an indie music lover's daydream – a pure, saturated trip into the world of "Chuck & Louise," the title of his first single.

Soaked in honeyed electric guitar riffs, formant shifted vocals, and Jamo.'s unruffled original vocal tone, "Chuck & Louise" acts as a reset for the Sacramento, California native artist. After attending junior college, and reflecting on his next move to make, Jamo. decided no matter what happens – he would create – and put his art into the universe permanently. After just one single, I'm convinced Jamo. made the right decision.

In just a minute and 45 seconds, Jamo. meanders through musical influences, fusing elements of contemporary alternative, indie, and a drop of a one a of-a-kind soul, that breathes a new life into arrangements and verse structures listeners are familiar with. The creativity shown is in the early stages of a pioneering lane, reminiscent of a BROCKHAMPTON, where it balances a tight-rope line of being slightly left of center, but also completely digestible to a pop / mainstream palate. If you like being early on artists, consider yourself at the ground floor of Jamo.'s journey, and buckle up, because I'm making the prediction that he's in for a long ride. Listen to "Chuck & Louise" below.

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