Who is Worry Club?

Ian Hansen

If you want dreamy production and spacey vocals, the Chicago native, Chase Walsh, known by his stage name Worry Club, is the perfect artist for you.

Not only is he a great singer, he's everything in between. Playing every instrument in his music, Worry Club has no boundaries between his personal influences and his creation. He's simply paving his own lane with his unique spin on bedroom-pop. A perfect example of this is his most recent single, “Pretty Face,” a grungy anti-pop anthem, layered with guitar, synthesizers, and a tight electronic arrangement that make for one beautiful track.

Another personal favorite, is the highly addicting, “Japanese.” The track starts with a minimalistic electric guitar, but, in Worry Club fashion, brings in catchy top line synthesizers that slice through the mix making for a perfect party song.

Worry Club is only just getting started with these ear-worm tracks. Get to know him before he blows up:

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