Who is Elizabeth DeVasto?

Taylor Contarino

No one ever knows what trend is going to spark the next big TikTok phenomenon, and neither did Elizabeth DeVasto when she started her series "Songs That Hit Different When You Know What They're Written About." 16 episodes explaining the stories behind songs and 1 million followers later, DeVasto has become a recognizable face among the TikTok world, and maybe even one you've seen before. But the 21 year old Boston based music encyclopedist is far more than just a TikTok creator. Working off of the momentum of her growing fame this past year, Elizabeth has taken to the app to promote her own musical story, and more specifically, her refreshing and relatable new song "TOXIC."

Upon first listen, I could not believe “TOXIC,” was Elizabeth’s first single… now that I'm on my 100th listen, nothing has changed. This incredibly enjoyable track is an anomaly for a first time release – the flowing lyrical scheme, rhyme pattern, addictive production, and the smooth vocals, make “TOXIC” the type of song you simply cannot skip. If you don’t already have a heartbreak playlist, it might be time to build one because this song is going to be living in your mind, and in your musical rotation, rent free.

With only one song, Elizabeth DeVasto already proves her massive potential. From her soulful voice, to her lyrical capabilities, to her crisp production choices, Elizabeth is starting with a bang. Check out "TOXIC" below:

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