Who Is Chanpan?

Kieran Korhost

In the sampling of their two released singles to date, New York-based Asian-American band Chanpan have managed to make the exact kind of noise that deserves to be listened to. This is true in both the dynamic sound displayed in their songs as well as the buzz generated around the trio of Grace Dumdaw and identical twins Lance and Matthew Tran. The band, who gets their moniker through combining aspects of the members’ Chinese and Kachin pronunciations of their names, sparked immediate intrigue with their first single, “Jungle.” The track is paced like a marathon, taking different twists and turns in production that give way to exhilaration across the sub-3 minute listen. 

After finding their way onto playlists with “Jungle,” Chanpan’s follow up “ooweeooweeoo” premiered a lighter alternative to their hectic recording style. There is an off-the-cuff, impulsive quality to the trio’s music, making their next move unpredictable in the most exciting of ways. Only a year and a half into their endeavors as bandmates, Chanpan has already made efforts into expanding their sound: recent collaborations with Bird Language (Hojean, Felly, Kevin Holliday) and Frankie Scoca (NewJeans, V of BTS, Erika de Casier) point to further innovation - and plenty of hits - on the horizon. 

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