Who Is Cleffy?

Ben Wego

Bringing a lo-fi and alternative R&B synergy, newcomer Cleffy enters the Sheesh pages with songs like “Meet you at the Graveyard” – over a hypnotic beat, reminiscent of Hippie Sabotage, haunting lyrics similar to XXXTENTACION, and echoey vocals like Montell Fish. “Meet you at the Graveyard” explores the trauma of losing a close friend to suicide. Cleffy reveals the vulnerability of losing a friend that you thought would be by your side for life when he says “My rock, my friend, we always said, we'd live this life, until we made it to the end / So why aren't you right next to me, you took your life, like fuck you left me bleeding.” 

Cleffy masterfully molds together his story through earnest and raw lyrics on “Hide Behind My Disguise” –  “Hide behind my disguise / So when you see me / please don't be surprised / You know it ain't nice / Let's see eye to eye / Fake smile so you know I ain't fine.” Cleffy has a profound ability to express hiding the hefty weight of depression behind a disguise of feeling okay, which is a coping mechanism many people use to survive through emotional damage. “march 2023”, “Without drugs I’d be dead” and “i want(ed) to Die” add more melancholic and acoustic driven melodies to Cleffy’s personal experiences with loss, suicidal ideation, and addiction. 

Cleffy brings his deep inner thoughts and heart rending connection to his debut project Clean Sheets, Dirty Walls – a dark exposé on the realities of grief, depression, and addiction that fans of XXXTENTACION, $uicideboy$, and Hippie Sabotage will exalt.

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