Who Is Isaiah Smith?

Riley Furey

Working in music, it's a relatively common thing to be connected by your peers with people who are starting to get their bearings in the industry. Six or seven months ago my old roommate introduced me to his friend Isaiah Smith who he swore had the voice of an angel, and now that his first release is out, it's hard to argue with that claim.

As time goes on I realize how important it is to elevate the scene that you are raised in, and it makes me really happy to see this kind of quality coming from Akron, Ohio. While this single is marketed as a "Demo." it is  produced and mixed better than most artists' first 20 releases. The guitar is beautiful and complex, and as far as first releases go; Drowning is a stand out.

I see it as my duty to share talent that comes from a similar place as me, and Isaiah Smith has an abundance of talent and potential that is yet to be tapped into. Only six months ago I was wondering who Isaiah Smith was, and now that we're further down the line, I'm happy to officially introduce him to you too.

Current Monthly Listeners: 144

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