Who is Dane Schumacher?

Ian Hansen

There is something about someone sitting down with their acoustic guitar and singing that captures a raw, unfiltered talent. This is exactly what I love about Dane Schumacher, an indie artist I discovered on TikTok.

Everything about Schumacher is authentic, from his heartfelt songwriting to his pure vocal performance. His recent song, "In the End," has been on repeat for me. The energy build-up into the chorus is electrifying, and the brilliant songwriting about past love and dreaming of the future is what will keep people coming back. This track feels like it was meant for a live audience, and I can only imagine how incredible it will sound on tour.

Another track I've been hooked on is "Drama Queen." This song highlights those Schumacher signature high-energy guitars in the chorus and showcases his impressive vocal range, hitting those higher registers effortlessly. Seriously, check out Dane Schumacher right now. He is a star in the making, and will be playing major festivals in the coming years. His name is one you'll be hearing a lot, I can promise you that.

Monthly Listeners: 4,304

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