Who Is Dani Offline?

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Alann Santiago

After first pressing play on Bay Area product Dani Offline’s newest release, “plastic/bending,” it becomes instinct to want to dive deeper, to take in as much of her luxurious, stabilizing vocals as is permissible. Her catalog holds an abundance of tracks in a similar vein, cozy and intimate in every aspect. Most commonly incorporating jazz, R&B, and hip-hop influences, Dani’s sound is a delicate mix that is centered by her voice, quiet yet evocative and ear-catching. And if her intention wasn’t obvious in her recordings, her visuals speak to the fact that Dani has a grip on her world, knowing exactly what it should sound like, look like, and feel like to press play on one of her songs. The music video for “plastic/bending” is stunningly representative of every synth, note, and lyric of the track.

The symmetry across all aspects of Dani Offline’s music allows for only a certain amount of influence, appropriately placing Dani in a position of control over nearly every facet. “plastic/bending” was self-recorded and produced by Dani, and her fingerprints are entirely audible throughout the track. After having released her debut album Water Signs in 2019, Dani has shared a handful of soulful singles in the time between, as well as playing sold-out shows in the Bay Area. On December 1, Dani is set to release her new EP, Mirror, in what could prove to be the rising artist’s biggest release to date. 

Monthly listeners: 8,234

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