Who is go4broke?

Ian Hansen

There is something about go4broke’s voice that brightens my mood every time I listen. Each song comes with a surprise and his recent track, “trust” has many contrasting elements that keeps me hooked until the end.

The San Diego alt-pop artist and producer is ready to take that next level into stardom and continues to impress with each release. He is starting 2023 on the right foot with his first release of the year, “trust,” which is an angelic blend of electronic pop with hyperpop undertones in his vocals. The track ends with this grand climax full of arpeggiated synths that adds the cherry on top of an already charming song.

I am fired up to watch how go4broke continues to hone in on his sound and master his already unique sonic palette. I think there is a good chance he will be the next big artist to come out of San Diego, and I am glad to be early to the scene.

Monthly Listeners: 255

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