Who is JAWNZA?

Perry Avgerinos

Tampa transplant, JAWNZA, provides a refreshing eclecticism to a saturated genre of contemporary Hip-Hop.

With just a scratch on the surface of JAWNZA's growing discography, you'll notice no two songs of his sound the same, other than the consistent delivery of clever vocal cadences, and unforgettable hooks. With production traits ranging from slowed down guitars, jazz-samples, to even uptempo electronic instruments, JAWNZA has the ability to morph anything thrown his way, and make it his own.

With his latest single, "Downtime," JAWNZA delivers a sultry R&B acoustic-style performance, showcasing his smoother, more intimate side, while retaining his usual impressive lyricism. The hook draws you in right away, with clever lines such as:


Lookin for some downtime

Said that she want love

And the way she say it sounds nice

I like can't keep up with you

I keep around vibes

You don't have to go

But I miss you, that's the downside"

With the single being only two and a half minutes, it'll have you running it back a couple times. We're excited to follow his movements in 2021, but for now listen below.

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