Who is Kill Jasper?

Kill Jasper didn’t miss in 2020, and it was only his rookie year. Releasing 6 singles since April, the Compton-born rapper has quickly cultivated an engaged fanbase due to his versatility. The rapper can float over wavy instruments like he does in “Rush,” while also having the aptitude to command forceful trap beats in his latest single, “Pretend.” Oh, and he’s only 19 years old.

The most refined facet of Kill Jasper’s arsenal, though, is his unwavering ability to create hooks. In my personal favorite, and previous Friday Finds add, “2 Fast,” Kill Jasper smoothly glides past pockets of melodies, while using the hook’s second go-around to flex his impressive vocal prowess. Jasper had help from rising production company Overcast, as they created the visuals for “2 Fast,” showing off his soulful and energetic personality as the rapper sings to his mirror in the emotionally packed track. Now is a good time to hop on the Kill Jasper train, as he took to Instagram on December 30th, thanking his fans for a great 2020, and ending his caption with: “ALBUM MODEEE!!!!” Fans can expect plenty more of Kill Jasper in 2021, and it’s only a matter of time until labels are chomping at the bit to grab a slice of his inevitable success in the rap game.

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