Who is Mere Raj?

Tyler Borland

South Carolina’s Mere Raj broke through earlier last year with a blend of smooth R&B and contemporary Hip Hop. “Sangria” and “DND” both feature Mere Raj’s high-pitch falsetto vocal performances that sit at the forefront of each track.

Beyond a stunning vocal delivery, Mere Raj also has a talent for songwriting. The writing on both songs shows him reflecting on relationships and love life, but he does so in a mature, relatable, and incredibly catchy way. Mere Raj starts the year with his strongest single so far titled “Touch.” The track is driven by a guitar and hard-hitting trap drums – all self-produced by Mere Raj. Despite the loud, booming instrumental, Mere Raj’s delivery acts as the perfect contrast. His vocals are just as smooth as his previous singles, but his tone is more energetic and dynamic as he shifts across higher registers.

“Touch” is a catchy fusion of R&B and hip hop that leaves listeners anticipating more new music from the artist. Mere Raj’s versatility and penmanship make him an exciting newcomer as he likely grows throughout the new year.

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