Who is 454?

Tyler Borland

Orlando native, Willie Wilson, is a bit of an enigma. As Wilson made the geographic move from Orlando to New York, his music evolved alongside him. Now known simply as 454, the artist makes hip hop music best characterized by pitched vocals, inventive production, and a complete disregard for anyone’s expectations.

454 first started gaining traction with the overwhelming support he received for his debut single “LATE NIGHT.” This massive support is undoubtedly deserving once you listen to the track. “LATE NIGHT” pulls from a variety of influences - 90’s hip hop, contemporary R&B, and interestingly the vocal inflections of modern electronic pop pioneers such as 100 gecs. These eccentric influences all come together to create something personal to 454 and in turn, highly catchy. The line “It’s 2020 I got 1990 running shoes” has been stuck in my head for weeks.

454 continues to surprise listeners with his equally creative song and accompanying video for “ANDRETTI.” The self-produced song is a psychedelic and dreamy look into 454’s complex artistic vision. “ANDRETTI” has 454’s signature pitched vocals, earworm hooks, and the second half of the track is slowed down as it fades out. To say “ANDRETTI” meets 454’s expectation is an understatement. If “ANDRETTI” is an indication of what’s to come, you should definitely anticipate more from the artistic pioneer.

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