Who is Watr?

Perry Avgerinos

Arising from the west coast, best coast of Compton, California, Watr brings a fluid flow to the hip-hop scene, with his gliding melodies and unhurried cadence. With the world opening back up, it's officially time to celebrate and burn that pent up energy on some good old fashioned fun – "Thot Activities," the title of his latest track.

In "Thot Activities," Watr makes it known what's on his mind from the jump. Drinks, girls, and miscellaneous activities, all of which used to be very common topics in hip-hop/rap, almost became obsolete with covid. It's refreshing to hear people having a good time again, with some normalcy making its way back into the scene. Watr does just that, but with his own flare, riding the dynamic 808s, and smooth instrumentation of the production. Under the supervision of Ashtray management, Watr reveals a highly slept on sound that's sure to catch heat as he becomes more discovered.

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