Who is Kiddo Dust?

Ian Hansen

In Kiddo Dust’s most recent single, “Riding Solo,” he says, “18, big dreams.” It is clear he has dreams, and it is clear he wants to do big things in music. He has all of the talent in the world and he has proven that in 2022.

He has released three singles this year already and has already shown his wide creative palette. The first single, “All Good,” takes on sort of an alt-rap style while the second song, “Straight From The Jump” is more gritty in nature. His most recent single, “Riding Solo,” takes a completely different turn as he takes a pop route, executing it to perfection with a catchy hook and beautiful songwriting.

Kiddo Dust, like I said, has the tools to be great, and his infectious hooks and unique vocal ability intrigue me. I’m excited to see what he can do, and he should be on your radar for future listens.

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