Who is KIIRA?

Miles Opton

Here at Sheesh we make it a mission to listen to everything with open ears - no Spotify monthly listener limit or social media probes, just a cold opened mp3 link and the music to speak for itself. And through this open minded practice we’ve found gem upon gem. This week, the confident and dynamic voice of KIIRA entered our world through our submissions, and we’re so glad it did. 

French-Swiss-American, KIIRA, is the 24-year-old artist who had us thinking she was a pop star in the first 30 seconds of listening. Mixing modern production with her raw and buttery vocals, KIIRA demands attention through her infectious pop atmospheres. In tracks like “Worry” and “Signs,” KIIRA interacts with heavy electronic production, creating top-notch pop/EDM songs. “Signs” reminded me of some of Flume’s earlier work, particularly his “You & Me” remix from his deluxe album. “Worry” keeps a more calm tone, yet still flaunts KIIRA’s interest in premiere ear-candy production. 

On the other hand, KIIRA isn’t afraid to drop the filtered production, re-releasing two of her most emotional pieces, “Porcelain” and “After Hours,” as ‘stripped’ versions. Drawing attention to her smooth vocals over simplified instrumentals, KIIRA dives into the lessons she’s learning growing up; from love to fear, KIIRA doesn’t hold back her retrospection. 

And this introspective writing stays present in KIIRA’s most recent release of “Slow Gazing,” a wavy, atmospheric groove that touches on the personal accolades KIIRA has achieved independently thus far. The track is a perfect starting point for any new KIIRA listeners and a perfect place for any day one fans to reflect. Let’s give KIIRA a listen below↓

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