Who is Dirtsa?

Joe DelloStritto

France has never carried with it the reputation to produce influential Hip-Hop artists, but this may very well change with the emergence of Dirtsa. After the release of her first two singles "Straight Outta France" and "Underdog," Dirtsa is back for the three-peat with "Meghan Markle."

In an impressive display of her creative arsenal, Dirtsa flaunts sleek melodies adjacent to quick, articulate rap verses in "Meghan Markle." Equal parts motivational and confident, the female rapper glides over trippy hi-hats and distorted bass lines to cultivate her unique sound.

If I was to give one word to identify "Meghan Markle," it would be empowering. As a female in a largely male dominated genre, Dirtsa makes no excuses, hollering "Never ever will I ever bend a knee," and, "Make it six figures imma call you back / I only do business I don't do chit chat."

After releasing this track, Dirtsa took to her Instagram, saying "life’s been hella tough lately and i'm grateful to just be able to be here, love and create. We're grateful you're here too, Dirtsa. Listen to "Meghan Markle" below!

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