Who is Dro Kenji?

Conner Crosby

Between rolling through LA in their lemonade truck and watching their smash hit “Lemonade” skyrocket to the top of the Spotify charts, 2020 was a busy year for the Internet Money collective. As the year came to an end, the buzz they generated around one of the latest additions to their lineup, Dro Kenji, had transformed into somewhat of a roar.

Kenji, hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, has amassed a solid discography and equally solid following over the past year or so. He first caught our attention with the track “100 Rounds,” which represented a momentous step forward in terms of the refinement of his already stellar sound. The song, at the time available only on Soundcloud, featured rich vocals from the artist, tactfully juggling aggressive, hard-hitting bars and a sweetly melodic flow. He keeps these two aspects in tight balance over the entire track, riding the dark, thumping beat relentlessly. Top billing on the production credits went to Nick Mira, whose notable work includes production on essentially all of the biggest Internet Money-linked hits throughout the group’s existence, from “Lemonade” all the way back to being the sole producer of Juice WRLD’s “Lucid Dreams.” Nick was joined by fellow accomplished Internet Money producers OK Tanner and OVRCZ.

Fully confident in the next phase of his career, Kenji told Sheesh “This is nowhere near my best song. I got plenty more to come.” At the time, we could only speculate on the accuracy of this claim, but now, only a few months later, all speculation has been removed from the equation. “100 Rounds” dropped on the first of two full-length Dro Kenji albums on Spotify. The albums, Tears and Pistols and Race Me To Hell, demonstrate Kenji’s tremendous work ethic and ability to churn out coherent projects in relatively short amounts of time, without sacrificing quality or losing any hype. While “100 Rounds” is still a standout track for us, it really shouldn’t be for anyone else, because Kenji has only improved since that song was made, and all of his recent releases are deserving of the title “banger.” We now share in his confidence. Big things are to come for and from Dro Kenji this year.

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