Who is MYB?

Perry Avgerinos

MYB, the Michigan-native duo of Scott Posada and Bryce Gray drop their latest release "Pessimistic Panorama," disguising a negatively connoted title with an uplifting and soulful message. The result: a musical comparison of the addicting combo of salty and sweet.

Fully enamored by the theme of the single, the two blues-rockers share their song as a reminder that it's time to stop sulking in the state of the world ripping us apart right now, and focus on love to bring us back together. The track effortlessly blends bright synth-work, with blues-rock piano chords, and uptempo trappy percussion, creating an aura that's both nostalgic, yet refreshingly new. At the 2:30 mark, the production really buys into the blues-rock side, with unrestrained piano and electric guitar solos, destined for a live setting.

With "Pessimistic Panorama" being the first single to catch my ear from the duo, I'm intrigued to hear more from them as their sound continues to evolve – and it won't be long, as the two have plans to release a song every month for the rest of 2021. Get ready.

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