Who is Pace?

Perry Avgerinos

With his second release of 2021, Chicago's Pace is full steam ahead with sharing his funk-inspired hip-hop chic with music lovers. On a good "Pace" so far, his latest single, "Living Backwards," which dropped last Wednesday, is his most groove-inflected showing yet.

In "Living Backwards," Pace tears up a soulful, "nu-funk" styled instrumental, with his chant-like chorus melodies, and assorted verse cadences. It seems nearly impossible for you to listen and not at least nod your head along to the beat, let alone be on your feet dancing. Showing a range of styles in his catalog thus far, the 20 year old bounces around hip-hop sub genres, experimenting with different styles and flows, with this funk sound feeling like a natural fit.

In his January release "Running," Pace even ventures into an indie-inspired vibe, at times almost reminding me of a young Mac Miller (think K.I.D.S' sound). Nonetheless, Pace sounds like himself, and there's a lot of upside to the project he's building. Stay tuned for more from the young Chi-town artist.

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