Who is Chase Alex?

Tyler Borland

When I first heard “Bad Bitch Blues” last year, I knew instantly that Chase Alex was one of the most promising new artists in the underground. With production from frequent collaborator, LAN Party, the debut track is a spacey electronic hip hop song with Chase Alex’s melodic performance front and center. Chase Alex continued to drop singles throughout 2020 that all featured glitchy production and his signature charismatic performance.

The Chicago native is finally back with his most experimental and highly catchy single to date. Chase Alex takes many risks on the track “Heaven,” but these risks pay off and result in his most catchy song yet. Chase Alex teams up with producer Andrew Goes to Hell for a melodic, experimental track combining a wide variety of sounds and influences. The song boarders on hyperpop, but Chase Alex’s vocals are no deviation from his previous singles.

No other artist is currently making music similar to Chase Alex. His disregard for any blueprint and his ability to hop over any sort of instrumental show massive potential. Check out the music video for “Heaven” and make sure to keep an eye out for more new music.

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