Who Is Project Siniy?

Ian Hansen

Next up out of Atlanta, Georgia is producer and rapper, Project Siniy, who is taking a forward thinking approach to the new wave sound that has taken hip-hop by storm the last couple of years.

He has produced for the likes of SoFaygo, Bear1Boss, $odaman, and Tennisboywill, and is looking to make some noise as an artist himself. His recent project, “Project Siniy 2,” is a fantastic start.

The project is filled with hypnotic synthesizers, ambient melodies, and unique flows that make will make you feel like you're floating. Reminiscent of those in Opium such as Destroy Lonely and Ken Carson, he takes a unique direction with the way he raps over these left field beats that come together for an incredible listening experience. My favorite track is “Subway Surfer,” because it highlights every reason for why I think Project Siniy is next up. Atlanta is known for consistently birthing a new wave of great artists and don’t be surprised if Project Siniy is one of them.

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