Who Is Sundiata?

Olive Soki

Art is driven by passion, there simply is no other way to go about it. When art, in this case music, lacks a certain level of ardor it almost feels impossible to avoid. However, when present, much like joy, it oozes magnetism drawing in anybody within a mile radius. Just recently I experienced the joy of getting drawn into Sundiata’s musical universe. And like any dutiful and enamored fan would, I am here to pass along the word.

Sundiata first started making music at age 13 when he produced his first song with little to no resources. Nearly seven years later he seems just as, if not more eager to make music. Between 2018 and 2021 he released a handful of singles and an EP. A contemporary mix of genres, his discography points back to an eclectic array of influences, with a well refined and thought out twist.

Just this year he released his debut album — and dare I say his greatest accomplishment — titled HOUSE OF STRAYS. A fascinating take on what I like to call the “21st century punk-rock and hiphop hybrids,” HOUSE OF STRAYS is a strong-willed and melodic 9 track tale of darkness, unrequited love, and (of course) passion. From the incredibly subversive intro track “THE HOUSE (BURNT DOWN)” to irresistibly beautiful and warm singles like “TUSK” and “DAWN,” the album will surely leave you wanting more from Sundiata. I know for one I’m particularly intrigued by his influences and what he envisions doing next.

I know I’m biased since I'm already into his magic, but trust me when I tell you: If there is any underrated album released this year you should check out it’s HOUSE OF STRAYS.

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