Who is Dark Hardy?

Sundhya Alter

When Dark Hardy first started making music, it was a mix of GarageBand edits and borrowed YouTube beats, evolving into an unconventional sound that fuses stylistic elements of hyperpop and plugg rap. After releasing two studio albums back to back in 2022, 02/07 and the self-titled, Dark Hardy, the texas singer dropped his third album Synth at the beginning of this year. Earlier this month, the singer performed as the opener for Famous Dex during his Revival Tour in Dallas, Texas, an experience that solidified his emergence as an artist to watch.

His most recent album, Synth, discards the muted tones heard on his previous discography for a recognizably stronger presence on his newest release. After a brief name change following 02/07, it seemed that the title shift allowed the artist to fully lean into the darkness and individuality that drives his underground sound. The project itself is an allusion to an experience that marries a compelling iteration of a psychedelic trip with the kind of emotional release only songs can provide. Heavily weighted plugg beats and high-pitched 808s, layered underneath auto-tuned vocals might give the regular person whiplash – but his dynamic execution brings the entire album together with an unpredictable cohesiveness.

Throughout the album, his vocals follow the punch-in and-out pattern but through an assured delivery, like you could lean back and disassociate while still consciously catching all his bars. Dark Hardy emerges completely in his own lane, his creative ingenuity is inimitable and singular. Giving listeners a taste of what he is capable of, he assures his fans we expect a lot more from the rising artist in the next couple of years.

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