Who is Te Aly?

Ian Hansen

One of my favorite artists to look out for in 2023 is Te Aly. Her recent drop, “Feel Me” highlights everything she describes her music as. She has completely honed in on her ethereal, futuristic sound on her first release since 2021 with added authenticity in her songwriting. Taking inspiration from Sci-fi films, Te Aly has taken this dreamy soundscape and translated it to her own ultramodern inventive world.

The production consists of airy synths with these topline bells that act as ear candy, leaving room for her vocals to act as an instrument in itself. She produced, wrote, and did everything herself, which hints at the uniqueness of this track. Te Aly, at such an early stage of her career, displays confidence of someone looking for more and someone ready to take the next step at stardom.

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