Who Is Unknwnthefaux?

Olive Soki

Sometimes you stumble upon an artist whose music feels purely conditional. And other days, you’ll find an artist whose sound and discography feel something close to a natural soundtrack to your life. Today happens to be one of those better days, and the artist in question is Unkwnthefaux.

Comfortably straddling a wide array of genres, from that hybrid between alt-rock and rap (“WHO”), to a mix of rap and alt-RnB (“CHASE” and “TELL ME”), it’s easy to see why his music feels so effortlessly inviting. Covering all the bases with ease, Unknwnthefaux has a song for any setting. If you’re looking for an easy, end-of-summer vibe, his most recent EP SUMHER, featuring OfficialCert, will be right up your alley. Funky bass lines and colorful guitars galore, SUMHER perfectly fits that magnified beauty and bittersweet nostalgia associated with love and, coincidentally enough, the month of August. For something a little more driven and cathartic, I’d definitely recommend his previous EP, EYES ON FRONT. Leaning more towards the alt-rock side of the spectrum, EYES ON FRONT truly has no skips, and feels just right on days when your emotions are running a little high.

While he’s still laying the foundation to his sound and career at large, from what we’ve heard so far, Unknwnfaux seems to be on track for the gold.

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