Chadster’s “D4G” Brings the Perfect Blend of R&B and Trap

Ian Hansen

Following a dance-esque and R&B fused release in March with “Robin Hood,” Atlanta native, Chadster once again fuses genres — trap and R&B — with “D4G.”

The track’s production is simplistic in nature with these processed pads looping throughout, but it works. It leaves space for Chadster’s hypnotic vocals to shine. His deep vocal performance provides an ultra-atmospheric experience that makes me feel like I’m floating.

Lyrically, he starts out about as positive as it gets singing, “Destined for greatness, it’s a blessing I'm patient, come straight from the basement.” The rest of the track explores how he is starting to make it from the bottom and shows young creatives it is possible.

This track leaves me wanting more. Chadster can blend so many different styles together and it makes for a completely new and exciting experience when he releases.

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