Life Is Good on Kev Dollaz Recent Single, “Life Is Gucci”

Ian Hansen

If you're wondering how New York City artist Kev Dollaz is doing, well, the answer is good. In his recent single, “Life is Gucci,” he showcases why he is one of my favorite new artists right now.

He is a natural emcee holding his own with those counterparts that came before him in his neighborhood, such as Nas and Mobb Deep, while staying true and even innovating the current drill wave that is taking the music industry by storm.

“Life is Gucci” is a prime example of these brash flows and lyricism that makes me feel confident and ready to conquer the world. This is a track you play in the car or moshpit to at shows. The energy is undeniable, and it leaves me very intrigued as to how Kev Dollaz will continue to develop.

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