Who is Tmmrw?

Perry Avgerinos

Always looking ahead, 19 year old hip-hop artist Tmmrw continues to steadily build his career in the music game, dropping polished cadences and flows at a high caliber pace. Coming off of his latest release that dropped last week, "Tank Top," Tmmrw continues to build his catalog of melodic, 808 driven bangers.

Influenced by the rich hip-hop culture of his native Chicago, Tmmrw blends his R&B singing capabilities, with his leisurely trap flows on top of distorted 808's, making his catalog a sure fire selection to bump in the car. With "Tank Top," Tmmrw brings a summer perspective to his songwriting, rapping about an ex-girl, trying to shake the image of her tank top look out of his head. Within the chorus, Tmmrw sings a simplistic line "tank top yellow, ass is like jello," a line that is both surprisingly super catchy and comically descriptive, all with his unique raspy vocal quality.

For hip-hop and sad rap fans alike, Tmmrw is a name you need to familiarize yourself with. His singles are short and sweet, telling stories in compelling ways, always with upbeat knocking drums to the mood. Check out Tmmrw's latest single below.

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