WOAH’s Music Will Be On Your Mind and “On Your Sleeve”

Kieran Kohorst

Artistry is a concept that takes time to develop, even more so when trying to balance the personalities and talents of a collective band. WOAH, a group deriving from Charlotte, have been patient in finding their identity, much to their own benefit. Born during the pandemic, WOAH released their first single in the summer of 2020 with their first EP arriving the following year. Even with the success of their project Better Left Unsaid, the group didn’t rush things with the release of their latest single.

Over a year after their last release, WOAH has returned with “On Your Sleeve,” a song that offers commentary on paramount issues in the youth community. The lyrics candidly address online relationships and the struggle of finding connection through impersonal mediums, a phenomenon that has only grown in the isolation of the pandemic. WOAH makes music that fits the time, relating narratively to the internal struggles of listeners while appealing to the indie-pop aesthetics that make confronting these challenges more palatable.

While the song speaks for itself, the creative process of the group in creating “On Your Sleeve” offers some insight into the personability of the track. “’On Your Sleeve’ was recorded in our first apartment together. Hopping between each of our bedrooms, we all shared ideas, personal experiences, and how we can tonally freshen up both our sound and our message as a band. We spent this past year refining and toying with our sound and our writing process…We’re bringing our new perspectives into our sound,” says the group. The progress of the band at this stage of their career proves that WOAH is much more than the sum of its parts.

“On Your Sleeve” is WOAH’s first single of the year, with more music promised as 2022 reveals itself. In a growing space within music and an emerging fan base, WOAH offers new listeners an opportunity to grow with them through the unpredictable nature of our physical, social, and auditory surroundings.

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