YouTube Music Curator Patrick Cc: Releases Rising Artist Compilation Album 'Launch Sequence'

Perry Avgerinos

You may be familiar with the music YouTube influencer Patrick Cc:, especially if you're a rising industry professional or artist reading this. And if you're not, you are now. Providing endless videos on music industry secrets, playlist curation highlighting the underground music scene, and other entertaining content pieces to his almost 400k subscribers – on Friday, Patrick released something no one anticipated: a full length album full of hip-hop's next stars.

Launch Sequence combines 29 different artists within the rap, hip-hop, and R&B landscape, across 16 tracks. Mixing bigger rising acts and some that are relatively undiscovered such as Koi, PRZNT, BEAM, SEBii, and Malik to name a few, Patrick Cc: bridges the gap and merges the rap scene into one cohesive project, executive produced by himself. There are many standout tracks, including "Sherbs" and "Black Hole Sun" as two of my personal favorites, but with the genres differing track to track, it's safe to say there's something on here for everyone.

With music discovery experiencing a refreshing reboot during the pandemic era, it's been anyone's best guest as to know where the future of influencers and music colliding can take the industry. We love to see innovators make moves, and the more you think about it, this album was a natural "next step" for Patrick Cc:. Already having many connections to artists, producers, and other creatives, Patrick simply connected the dots, and did it at an impressively high caliber. Referring to this project as a "DJ Khaled Style" album, Patrick Cc: did exactly that – but with the next wave of talent, putting you on earlier than any Spotify/Apple Music playlist, algorithm, or major label. Give it a listen, and check out Patrick Cc:'s YouTube for his next move.

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