19&You Battle Between Their “Head/Heart” in Latest Single

Rachael Jansky

Reconciling a failed relationship is never easy. Inevitably, questions that are impossible to answer run in a loop in your brain. Do they still think about me? Would they answer if I called? Have they already moved on with someone else? In their latest single, “Head/Heart,” 19&You navigate this exact feeling while struggling to strike a balance between feeling out your emotions and being rational.

19&You drummer Liam Wallis says of the track,“This is a special song for me and the boys because we wrote it after we all simultaneously went through breakups. The song captures our experiences post breakup; wondering if your ex will find another person before you, waking up missing that person, and reassuring yourself that it was the right choice despite still feeling attached to the person. The song also uniquely combines elements that I love like piano ballads, explosive trap choruses, and gang vocals in the outro.”

Despite the song’s more somber lyricism, 19&You’s infectious pop charisma floods the production of the track, consistent with their previous singles. “Head/Heart” is a continuation of the impressive discography being cultivated by the band, building anticipation for the release of their debut EP dropping March 26. Until then, check out “Head/Heart” here.

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