24kGoldn Proves He’s Not Going Anywhere with His Debut Album, 'El Dorado' [Album Review]

Joe DelloStritto

61 weeks ago, we featured 24kGoldn in our Artist Spotlight segment. Wow, what a crazy 61 weeks it’s been. The Bay Area prodigy has gone from underrated to undeniable, topping the charts countless times, with his biggest hit “Mood” nearing one billion streams. You read that right: one billion streams in less than a year. Since we predicted this one before you were ever screaming “Valentino” in the club, we decided it was only right to circle back around for his debut album: El Dorado.

El Dorado is a 13 song, 36 minute jolt of energy. 24kGoldn has an uncanny ability to take on hard 808s with patient, melodic rhythms, showing no fear of slowing it down or speeding it up. On El Dorado, 24kGoldn managed to get features from DaBaby, iann dior, Future, and Swae Lee, but it’s his solo songs that impressed me the most. Tracks like “Love Or Lust,” “Outta Pocket,” and “3,2,1” are examples of what 24kGoldn is known for: high, high energy and earworm hooks. On the other hand, “Don’t Sleep” and “Butterflies” pleasantly surprised with slower, passionate vocals, creating a far more intimate vibe.

One of my favorite moments on the album comes during “Outta Pocket,” when 24kGoldn acknowledges his newfound fame with swagger and confidence. In the hook, 24kGoldn sings,

"I be outta pocket I be acting rude,

Think I gotta chill check my attitude,

The way you go and start acting brand new,

Baby girl you know that’s what the bands do."

24kGoldn must’ve heard the mumblings that he was just a “singer” and not a “rapper,” because he makes a point to deliver articulate, quick-hitting verses all over El Dorado. Still, he maintains his throne as king of hooks, with every chorus now occupying prime real-estate in my head. I hate to be cheesy, but every song on El Dorado is simply “gold.” Okay, okay, bad joke. Still, one thing is clear: 24kGoldn isn’t going anywhere any time soon. A well-spent 36 minutes lies right below.

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