Public Library Commute Drops the Blissfully Sentimental '1000 Summers' EP [EP Review]

Tyler Borland

Conrad Hsaing, better known under the moniker Public Library Commute, is a producer, songwriter, and vocalist that has built himself a fanbase from his New Jersey bedroom. With a lo-fi production style and smooth vocal performances, Public Library Commute exists in his own lane. His recent single “Moonlight” is a nostalgic teaser of something bigger to come. This single, along with 5 others, came together for his newest EP 1000 Summers.

The opening track “25MPH” embodies what makes Public Library Commute such a captivating artist. The self-produced track is atmospheric, sentimental, and a beautiful showcase of his songwriting. Previously released tracks “Summertime” and “You Been on My Mind” also land on the record and perfectly add to the emotions and sonic style of the project. New tracks “City Love” and “1000 Summers” show Public Library Commute’s incredible consistency.

“Nostalgia is a big thing for me. When building the world of the EP, I looked to 1970s architecture magazines, David Hockney’s romantic Californian imagery, film photography. The EP artwork is directly inspired by Hockney’s ‘Portrait of an Artist (Pool With Two Figures)’ from 1972. I finished writing this EP right before I moved to Los Angeles in September of 2020. It sort of exists as an ode to NJ in that sense. The last piece of music I wrote at home,” Public Library Commute explains.

1000 Summers is my personal favorite project from the wildly talented protégé and a strong indication of what to expect from Public Library Commute.

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