30 and Skizzy Mars Team Up on New Single “STROBE LIGHTS” [Premiere]

Conner Crosby

With an explosion of new artists onto the scene and the rise of titans like 24kGoldn and the Internet Money collective, Rap, Rock, and Pop are being fused together like never before. 30 and Skizzy Mars, two artists known for their ability to deliver both hard hitting bars and sensitive melodies, have teamed up to show us that 2020’s popular blends of genres will be mainstays of 2021 as well.

On 30’s new track “STROBE LIGHTS,” the two rappers present us with a smooth yet saturated wall of sound that will likely last us through the summer due to its energy and appealing aura. While it sounds somewhat similar to Internet Money’s “Lemonade,” “STROBE LIGHTS” is arguably more coherent and entertaining, and 30 and Skizzy inject enough of their unique personalities and talents to make the song a certifiable standout. We think you’re really going to like this one.

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