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Join Oranj Goodman on A Trip through His New Single, “LSD.wav” [Premiere]

Back in April, Oranj Goodman released “Vienna 1971,” which is the first single off his upcoming debut album. After receiving a multitude of recognition by both Spotify and Apple Music on the track, Goodman has come back for more, releasing a package of two songs: “Scream Out Loud,” and “LSD.wav.”

While the name “LSD.wav” suggests a psychedelic trip, the track does a great job of projecting the multicolored vibe you’d expect. The deliberate boom-bap beat Oranj Goodman uses embodies an obvious element of funk, except this funk moves in slow motion. The loosely crafted track catches the listener in a moment in time, and keeps the listener frozen in that same moment throughout the 2 minutes. In a wondrous experimentation of Hip-Hop and R&B, Goodman’s honeyed vocals sing mindlessly about easing into a hallucinogenic state, repeating, “could it be working,” followed by “maybe it’s working.”

In a masterful glimpse of the psychedelic era of the 60s, mixed with a component of futuristic exploration, “LSD.wav” does exactly what it’s set out to do. Sticking to the theme of LSD, Oranj Goodman’s Spotify Canvas rotates through kaleidoscopic imagery, leaving the viewer/listener in a trance. If you’d like to take a break from reality, Oranj Goodman has the (for lack of a better word), goods.


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