44Blonde Loves the Thrill of the Chase in New Single, "At Least I Know Her Name!"

Perry Avgerinos

When thinking back on our youth, us Gen Zers can't forget the days of texting friends on our flip phones, listening to songs purchased from iTunes for 99 cents on our fancy iPods. For many of us, indie/alt-rock bands like blink-182, Good Charlotte, and Fall Out Boy were sure-fire go-to's on our daily shuffle. If you're starting to feel nostalgic – don't worry – because St. Louis-native 44Blonde reimagines this vintage blissful teenage angst in his newest single, "At Least I Know Your Name!."

With just his second release to date, the University of Arkansas student finds himself in 2021, trapped in the nostalgia of the early 2000's. Like many cherished cultural time periods – trends, styles, and sounds tend to repeat themselves, and 44Blonde appears to be in the forefront of the reemergence of this alt-pop rock sound. In "At Least I Know Your Name!," 44Blonde tells the story of the classic chase, having multiple girl options, yet not being able to commit to a single girl, because ultimately, the boy loves to play games.

Conducted through power guitar chords, and uptempo live drums, 44Blonde tells his story through a carefree youthful lens – having no responsibilities, with the only problem at hand being which girl to choose. Capturing this essence of coming of age perfectly with his carefully chosen lyrics, 44blonde creates a relatable anthem for anyone who has been ignored by a crush. Yet, coming from a stance of dominance, 44Blonde joking reassures these girls that they aren't being ignored, because he at least knows their names. Rock out back to your awkward-stage days with a listen below.

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