REI AMI Continues to Leave Heads Spinning in New Single, “F.R.A.”

Seba Cowsill

You can’t describe REI AMI’s discography without thinking of the word “versatile." In fact, even within individual songs of hers – the word is inescapable. The same of course is true with her latest release, “F.R.A.,” standing for F**kin’ REI AMI, a bold, confident, honest, badass follow up to her previous single, “THAT’S ON YOU!”.

In “F.R.A.” we’re introduced to a soft, bare introduction that immediately has you on the edge of your seat. You can feel anticipation build as the song swells into the fast, fiery chorus. It’s a ferocity similar to that of her 2020 single, “MAC & CHEESE." This is a line she continues to toe as the song continues, effortlessly bouncing between restrained and uncontainable energy. This ability is like her superpower, and one she definitely hasn’t been afraid to show off this year.

Accompanied with this track is a visual directed by Maddie Cordoba. The video perfectly emphasizes the message of the song REI AMI describes saying, “It’s about glowing up and removing yourself from toxic people and situations. It’s about taking pride in yourself and owning it completely." She does just that throughout the video –flaunting, stunting, and pushing the guys out of her way.

There’s so much more that can be said about REI AMI’s ability and talent that has been said already, but at this point her work speaks for itself. There’s no doubt though that she has a unique superpower that gives her the ability to make music from a different mold than the rest, and I’m excited to continue to watch how she uses it.

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