Brevin Kim Gets Emotional in New Track, “Naples”

Rachel Guttman

Brevin Kim returns to the Sheesh pages today with one of their most polished drops to date: “Naples.” The Boston-born duo (now LA-based), consists of blood brothers, Brendan and Callin Paulhus, who have become known for their unique sound, often labelled within the “hyper-pop” sphere. The brothers draw inspiration from a wide range of genre influences, restraining them from settling into just one lane to call their own – yet this incessant exploration allows them to expand and experiment, further pushing their music beyond boundaries, as heard in “Naples.”

Establishing an emotional tone from the start, Brevin Kim takes listeners on a heartwarming ride by employing creative production techniques and expressive vocals. The duo has shared that this piece is one of the most personal songs that they have ever written. They also added that this song was the result of some major life changes and is the first piece of music that they have released since those changes occurred. “Naples” shares the story of “losing someone you love and the drastic measures you take to stay sane as you deal with that pain.” With every carefully selected lyric, Brevin Kim takes you on their emotional journey, riding through the same lows, all while nodding your head along to the knocking drums and magnetic guitar riffs.

Most of us know the unfortunate feeling of losing someone we love and the pain that comes along with it. It is easy to attempt to cope with loss through self-sabotaging actions: some people go to extremes in order to deal with the pain. In the chorus, Brevin Kim talk about the destructive acts that they have been led to after their loss. Later in the track, they cleverly layer in a women’s voice message, responding back to the boys speaking lines like, “where are you?,” adding an unsettled depth, complimenting the tone of the lyrics.

Brevin Kim continue to push through the noise and saturation of other artists, all while being themselves. With every more bit of vulnerability injected into each new release, we find new pieces to the puzzle that makes up the real, Brevin Kim.

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