99 Neighbors Are the Hip-Hop Group to Watch with the Release of Their New Track, “49er”

Rachel Guttman

Originally from Burlington, Vermont, the collective group of independent artists, 99 Neighbors, is making their debut on the Sheesh pages with the release of “49er.” Composed of Sam Paulino, HANKNATIVE, Jared Fier, Juju, Aidan Ostby, Somba, and Swank – 99 Neighbors have quickly become the group all eyes are on, as they blur lines and fuse hip-hop, jazz, and rock to create their specific sound. All 7 members of 99 Neighbors share a common goal of natural expression, free artistry, and forward momentum. Their new track, “49er,” puts their unique sound on display and aligns perfectly with their objectives.

99 Neighbors has a history of blurring boundaries with intention and “49er” is no exception. The diversity of the group’s talent is evident in this track through the blending of soulful textures, electronic experimentation, catchy hooks, and captivating vocals. The piece has a calming aura which makes you want to chill out and relax. Overall, it sparks curiosity as you wonder more about 99 Neighbors, their unparalleled sound, and their one-of-a-kind creative process. 99 Neighbors’ potential is limitless as they continue to reach new heights. Listen to “49er” below:

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