Adria Kain Gets Intimate in New Single “Alone In Kenzo”

Joe DelloStritto

Adria Kain’s voice is angelic. In her newest single, “Alone in Kenzo,” the rising star from Canada is soothing and seductive, talking directly to a prospective lover. Don’t get me wrong, Adria’s talent hasn’t gone unnoticed in past years, opening for Grammy artists in the past and serving up background vocals for Canada’s fan favorite, PARTYNEXTDOOR. Still, with this new single, Adria proves that her polished R&B deserves a spot in the mainstream.

Over a jazzy beat featuring saxophones and acoustic guitars, Adria bellows her descriptive, poetic lyricism, maintaining an honest relationship with her listeners. The surging singer/songwriter sings,

"In the summer,

Let the wind blow through my window,

See your silhouette from the light of the moon,

If you feel it baby, come a bit closer,

Why don’t you."

This track portrays the fleeting moments of falling in love for the first time. Between breathy background vocals from an unidentified male and Kain herself, the song gives off a sexual overtone. Undeniably intimate, the lyrics and melodies make it seem like Adria is whispering the lyrics into her man’s ear. Smooth, sexy, and unhurried – catch a vibe with Adria Kain’s “Alone in Kenzo” today.

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