Alt Bloom Starts Spring off Right with Immediate Classic "Tired"

Miles Opton

Multi-instrumentalist and lyricist Alt Bloom has gained ground in the indie/pop scene since 2019 through a purpose he’s asserted since day one: “To take acoustic written music into a new world of production and sound.” Serving us his crisp Spring anthem, “Tired”, today, it’s more clear than ever that Bloom has lived up to that statement. “Tired” turns an acoustic guitar into a full wall of pop production, and a track that will command us all to sing full volume on every Summer drive. 

The momentous production of this banger is also paralleled by an emotional value. Bloom harnesses the intensity of a broken heart through lyrics like,

"Streets and their empty bottles,

hopes caught in a tomorrow,

things that we thought we call home,

never again... we are we are living longer,

but are we living at all, I'm sick and tired of this"

Building off of his debut EP, Astronaut Complex, which secured Bloom the title of a relatable songwriter and elite hook writer, “Tired” shows us a Bloom is ready to keep tapping into what he does best while exploring new depths of production. One thing’s for certain: We won’t get “sick and tired” of this timeless track.

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