Aidan Bissett Releases New Anthemic Single, “Dumped”

Nate Fenningdorf

Let’s cut to the chase, Aiden Bissett’s music is really good. With the drop of his new song, “Dumped,” the Capitol Records artist shows that the hype around his music is warranted. With relatable lyrics and polished production, the 19-year-old artist confidently displays his maturing artistry and evolving sound.

While you would expect a song about the end of a relationship to have a somber tone, “Dumped” has an upbeat, anthemic vibe that makes you want to scream along to it. The defiant nature of the lyrics, paired with Bissett’s DIY production makes his authenticity shine. With a music video that matches the introspective tone of “Dumped,” the rising artist continues to impress across all forms of his art.

After gaining momentum for his music through Tik Tok, Bissett started releasing his own self-produced music in early 2020. The most successful song he’s released is “More Than Friends,” which has racked up nearly 10 million streams on Spotify and has acquired widespread popularity on Tik Tok. “Dumped” undoubtedly has the potential to match those numbers, if not surpass them.

Aidan’s enchanting melodies and heartfelt lyrics have quickly made him a prominent figure in the upcoming pop music scene. Moving forward, the Tampa Bay artist will continue to drop marked songs that resonate with his fans. Keep Aidan Bissett on your radar because he is well on his way to becoming a global superstar. Listen to “Dumped” below:

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