gcmayn Captures the Turmoil of Healing in New Single, “arizona”

Sundhya Alter

When I heard "arizona" for the first time, what I really wanted to do was get in my car, scream, and reminisce about my last heartbreak. Luckily, not too far out, my response is exactly what gcmayn envisioned when he wrote the song. The abrasively heartfelt ode to his past love, who recently moved to Arizona with her significant other, came about as a mental release for the Seattle, WA based artist. Discussing his own struggles and relationship obstacles, gcmayn turns to music to repurpose the noise in his head into a melodic sound that's gives purpose to the internal clamor.

After speaking with the singer songwriter, I was grounded by his approach to the creative process. Motivated by transparency in his music, gcmayn is empowered by his own vulnerability, rather than an assessment of his own emotional state it becomes the way that he connects with his listeners, and it shows. The alternative, electronic track begins with a vitriolic self deprecating intro, the stiff guitar and saturated bass project a turbulent reflection of shadowed memories and nostalgic longing. However, as the song picks up, the rising artist slows down revealing to us his most honest self. There is a moment of orchestrated symphony as the artist's vocals spontaneously communicate unconditional love, the selflessness of loving someone despite all else. The track is liberating in the sense that listeners can feel gcmayn’s own healing within each verse, inspired by 90’s rock and roll, the twenty-two year old artist emulates the careful balance between an electric performance undergirded by subjective reflection.

"arizona" proves that while gcmayn might choose to pause in a time capsule lyrically, as he can’t help but revisit his muse in each of his songs, his evolution as an artist is quickly progressing with each single he releases.

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