DWLLRS Tear Your Heart Out (Again) on “Crown”

Riley Furey

DWLLRS has been stealing (and breaking) hearts with their music for over a year now, and I figured it was about time that I covered one of their songs. For a little back story; the band itself is made up of a pair of guys from a small town in California, but their music encapsulates enough emotion to make up the entire state's population.

Their new single "Crown" follows suit by longing for what could have been with the person they're losing. The depths of their love is so strong that it still has them pleading to Jesus, their mom is still asking about her, and they've tried so hard to win this person back that all they can do is lay down their weapons and hope it all works out in the end.

There are few bands that I believe in so much that it feels criminal that they aren't bigger, and DWLLRS has released enough great music that I just had to give them a spot on that list. I couldn't recommend their music more if you're trying to feel something, but beware, you might just feel too much.

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