greek Experiments With New Production on "THERE FOR YOU"

Riley Furey

In greek's career so far he has seldom stuck to one genre. Whether it's "rewind" with Marco Luka where the duo explores a relaxed hip hop cadence, or songs like "VIRGINIA CREEPER" that air on the side of gentle jazz, he always keeps up guessing what will come next. It’s also extremely impressive to note that he is fully self produced, which makes his experimentation feel that much more meaningful knowing that he is building his emotions out both in writing and production.

This time around on "THERE FOR YOU" he explores a stripped back ballad that features only him, a guitar, and some drums in support. Throughout the track, all he wants to do is let the person he loves know that he is there through it all. Push and pull him in any direction, and he assures you that he won't budge.

greek has been on a steady rise for nearly three years now since releasing his first single on Spotify, and with the caliber of his past few releases, it's hard to see that momentum slowing down anytime soon.

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