Akira Galaxy Announces Debut EP and Shares “Silver Shoes”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Silken Weinberg x Angela Ricciardi

Dimension-bending and spell-binding in her music, Seattle artist Akira Galaxy continues to broaden her universe with her new track, the shimmering “Silver Shoes.” With pristine clarity and woozy vocals, she’s entranced in the past, longing for it to again become her future. “There’s no one who can see you like I do / There’s no one who can wear those silver shoes,” she pleads on the chorus, with a sense of desperation in her delivery. The production style reflects the twinkling of the past, the glimmer in one’s eyes when you stare intently at another’s. A reluctant ballad, “Silver Shoes” finds itself stranded between naivety and maturity, not dissimilar to where Akira Galaxy finds herself as an artist today. 

This is not to say that Akira is immature in her art - it is only an indictment on her youth, with “Silver Shoes” serving as her third release of her debut year. She will have the chance to prove her maturity this coming January with the release of What’s Inside You, her debut EP. Also set to include previous single “Teardrop,” the project is sure to establish Akira Galaxy as a name to know for all music fans. 

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