AKTHESAVIOR and sagun Drop Their New Single, “Issues”

Ben Wego
Credit: Jordan Smith

Combining their unique musical talent to create storytelling lofi hip hop duo AKTHESAVIOR and sagun have debuted with their track, “Issues," the latest single from their upcoming joint album entitled, u r not alone. Accompanied by a music video with a warm ambience and a rich scenic backdrop of LA’s chinatown, “Issues” insightfully sheds light on the struggles of imperfections met with a humble and empathetic eye. 

The song delicately delves into the struggles and demands of a person making their way through the search to find a meaningful ground of success and humility. The song’s melancholic and thought provoking production adds layers to its soul - “Switch the route / I'm back in rhythm now, uh-huh / 'Member days I prayed up to the clouds, uh-huh / I'ma keep it blazin' while I'm growin' through thesе trials / Never tap out, 'til mama proud.” 

Lyrics like “A part of me keep thinkin' I got issues / Everything ain't always meant to be /And I been sufferin', heart pumps inside my body” - adequately describe the anxious feelings that take over a person constantly contemplating their path, questioning their sanity along the way. “I been sinnin', ain't no saint / But I chose to make a change / Learn from my mistakes.”

AKTHESAVIOR and sagun’s “Issues” is a lofi melodic rap song that paints an honest portrait of human struggles and highlights the soul within hip hop. 

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