Melo Relo shares "So High": A Fusion of Musical Influences and Collaborative Creativity

Samantha DeCarlo

Ever lost in the blur of a party, surrounded by the pulsating beats of music and someone you're attracted to? It's a sensation that evokes the feeling of being on the edge of something thrilling and unpredictable. This intoxicating experience of falling into infatuation is what inspired Melo Relo’s new release "So High" featuring Marc Indigo, a mesmerizing track that captures the essence of this emotional whirlwind.

The creation of "So High" was a blend of creativity and experimentation. Melo Relo stumbled upon the initial spark while tinkering with a new 808 plugin. As he distorted the sounds with various effects, he produced a peculiar yet captivating guitar-like sound that would become the hallmark of the track. After sharing his work with some producer friends on Discord and encouraged by their feedback, he embarked on a journey to transform this raw sound into a full-blown musical composition, including lyrics. With just one verse left to be filled, Melo knew just the guy for the job, Marc Indigo. 

In today's interconnected world, the boundaries of creativity are continually expanding, transcending physical limitations and bringing together artists from across the globe. This is beautifully demonstrated in the creation of "So High," a track that seamlessly blends the talents of multiple artists, all collaborating over the internet. It's a testament to the evolution of the production world, where geographical distance no longer poses a barrier to collaboration.

Every great work of art is based on inspiration, and "So High" is no exception. For Melo, the creative journey began with deep admiration for the Weeknd, whose music served as a cornerstone for their vision. Songs like "The Hills'' and "Earned It" provided a rich source of inspiration that resonated deeply with the artist. Taking from the Weeknd's dark, seductive soundscapes, the artist infused their own track with a similar sense of danger and intrigue. But the Weeknd wasn't the only musical influence at play. The artist also found inspiration in the music of Billie Eilish and Dominic Fike, drawing from their attitude and instrument choices. From Eilish's bold, unapologetic vocals to Fike's eclectic blend of genres, these artists provided a diverse palette of sounds and styles for the artist to draw from. Also, Melo mentions that the release coincided with the movie Saltburn's popularity, adding: "I think this could have worked well on the soundtrack."

In conclusion, "So High" by Melo Relo featuring Marc Indigo is more than just a song—it's a testament to the power of collaborative creativity and the boundless possibilities of inspiration. Making its debut, it is clear that its impact extends far beyond the confines of a single song. It's a celebration of collaboration, creativity, and the universal language of music.

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